Lynn McGinnis’ Weight Loss Reality



“If I had a dollar for every time someone said ‘you don’t need to lose weight’ I could balance the budget deficit! Being 5’7″, I can camouflage a slight weight gain, but those cookies and ice cream simply weren’t invisible anymore! Not only that, a few extra pounds are a significant weight gain for me because they make me sluggish and prevent me from having the stamina I am accustomed to.

Viola! NaturalTRIM 3X to the rescue. Within a few days of taking the product twice a day, I noticed that I felt terrific and had more vitality, plus it curbed my sweet tooth; but the best benefit of all was that I could tuck my sweater into my slacks after years of wearing it out in order to hide my lack of a waistline! By the end of my second month with NaturalTRIM 3X, I am back to my size 4s and 6s!!! As for the scales, I don’t know how many pounds I’ve lost – only that I have regained my “skinny” self and it was the most effortless thing I have ever done!”*

Lynn McGinnis, Independent Distributor
Milton, WV

* Weight loss may depend on several factors including using a combination of proper diet and exercise.  The average weight loss was six pounds in eight weeks when used in conjunction with a healthy program of diet and exercise.  Not everyone will experience these results -some may lose more some less.  Individuals may have been remunerated for the right to use their name, likeness or testimonial.


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