Michael Conklin’s Weight Loss Reality

Michael Conklin’s Weight Loss Results

Michael Conklin's Weight Loss ResultsLOST 33 POUNDS IN TWO AND A HALF MONTHS*

“I was overweight by about 30 pounds. My doctors told me that I needed to lose weight many times, but I found it to be very difficult to change my eating habits.

Diet and exercise have of course helped, but taking NaturalTRIM 3X has really been the secret to my success. I have currently lost 33 pounds in a short 2 1/2 months. NaturalTRIM 3X tames my hunger and gives me much needed energy to exercise. With the help of Natural TRIM 3X I now know that I can live a healthy lifestyle. I know I could not have done this without the help of NaturalTRIM 3X !!!”*

Michael Conklin, Retail Customer
Oak Ridge, New Jersey

* Weight loss may depend on several factors including using a combination of proper diet and exercise.  The average weight loss was six pounds in eight weeks when used in conjunction with a healthy program of diet and exercise.  Not everyone will experience these results -some may lose more some less.  Individuals may have been remunerated for the right to use their name, likeness or testimonial.


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  1. Nancy says:

    Hi Jodi- Wow what an amazing website. Would like to know what ideas you could share with me about lunches and dinners.

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